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Approved Tow Boats

USA Water Ski Approved Tournament Towboats: 85-89 American Skier Advance, 90-93 American Skier Legend, 94-97 American Skier TBX, 00-04 American Skier TBX Pro, 84, 90 American Skier Volante, 83-85 American Skier



Tanis Research & Design LLC

American Skier/Inboard boat repair and parts

Barefoot Gear

Messer's 1984 American Skier. It was a $3500 barn find that has undergone deck replacement, engine upgrades, trailer work, guage replacement, wire renewing and recently added graphics. All the work done to this vessel was with the helpful tips and know how from the characters of the website. To see more of the transformation jump to the forum and follow "The Messer Log",45.0.html